We provide flat-pack and assembled bathroom cabinets, mostly throughout the European market. Our prices fit all budgets without compromising our cared design and the best functionality, performance and safety.

We develop every product by taking into account the market conditions in which the product will be offered: store layout, promotional product, long-term range product, trending design product, all-in-one box product, etc.

Our cabinets are manufactured in Spain through different product technologies.

At Randal, thanks to our SUPPLY CHAIN INTEGRATION, we are able to achieve high production volumes to give greater customer value-added at less total cost.

  • Particleboard/Melamine film/Laminate/Drilling and edge banding
  • Solid Wood/MDF/CEFLA lacquered
  • PET Folding
  • UV lacquered
  • Flat-Pack/Assembling plant

Any specific product demand? Any specific technology required?

Currently producing
> 800.000 pieces/monthly

> 60.000 flat-packs/monthly